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The following pictures are meant to give you an idea of what you'll find at The Inn.
Our goal is that you will find The Inn not a disappointment, but a pleasant surprise.

The Lobby (with 'the moose' in the upper right corner)

Our Lobby - After walking through the front door, you enter our lobby. From there you can go to your room, into our Dining and Family Room or into our Living Room. The moose on the wall keeps watch over things.

The Dining and Family Room - There are plenty of tables here for your dining convenience. You'll find an area set aside for making coffee and a table holding complimentary snacks and soft drinks.

The Dining and Family Room
The fireplace in the Dining and Family Room

Also in the Dining and Family Room is a gas fireplace and two large leather couches - perfect for stretching out and relaxing. This is also a great gathering place to watch a movie. A TV set and videotape player sit beside the fireplace. You can choose your movie from our sizable video collection.

The Living Room - We have a wood-burning fireplace, a bar, several very comfortable chairs, a table and couch. This is an ideal place to privately entertain your group.

The Living Room with wood burning fireplace
Couch and bar stools in the Living Room

The Living Room - A view showing the couch, with a few stools beside our bar. This is also a great place to relax.

Our Porch, just off the Dining Room, offers a casual place to relax while taking in a beautiful view of Whiteface. An area to practice your golf is just outside the window.
Our Adirondack-style porch
The toy area for young children
The Inn is a great place for children of all ages. For very young children we have a Toy Corner with all sorts of toys.

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