5093 Route 86 Wilmington NY 12997

1-866-Whiteface (toll free)

The Inn at Whiteface

Bed, Breakfast, and beyond

Directions to The Inn

 Coming from the South (New York City / Albany):        

From  Albany NY, take The Adirondack Northway (also known as Interstate 87).  Drive north 103 miles to Exit 30. At Exit 30, take a left and follow the  signs to Whiteface Mountain (ski center). You will pass through the  small hamlets of Keene Valley and then Keene. In Keene, just after  passing a Stewart's Shop (gas and grocery store), take a right. You will  have traveled 15 miles from exit 30 to here. Head to Upper Jay (route  9N) for approximately  6 miles. There will be a sign on the right for  Whiteface, followed by a sharp curve. At the curve, proceed straight up  the hill. You will come to a road on your left - Fox Farm Road. The name  of the road is on a small ski sign and there is also a "KOA" sign. Take  that left. (If you see the Whiteface Chalet, you just missed it).  Within a mile you will come to Route 86. Take a left and The Inn is a  little over a mile on your right. (If you get to the entrance road for  Whiteface Mountain you just passed us). Look for a blue and gold sign  that says "The Inn at Whiteface."

Coming from the North (Montreal / Plattsburgh):

Take the Adirondack Northway (also known as  Interstate 87) heading south, past Plattsburgh, NY. Get off at Exit 34.  Take a left - you are now on route 9N. This will take you through the  towns of Clintonville, AuSable Forks and to the town of Jay. At a 4-way  intersection in Jay, you will take a right onto route 86 and climb a  long hill. This will eventually take you to the town of Wilmington. In  Wilmington, after crossing a large stone bridge, you will reach another  4-way intersection. Take a left, staying on route 86 and heading in the  direction of Lake Placid. After leaving the town of Wilmington, and  after a couple miles, keep an eye out for our blue and gold sign that  says "The Inn at Whiteface." We are on the right side of the road. (If  you get to the entrance for the Whiteface Mountain ski center, you just  passed us).

Coming from the West (Saranac Lake / Lake Placid):

Follow road maps to Lake Placid. Coming from  the west you will enter Lake Placid on route 86. Continue through Lake  Placid on route 86 (this will take you through Lake Placid's "Main  Street" and through the center of the town). You will pass the Olympic  Arena. Continue to the second stoplight, which is at a 4-way  intersection. You will want to continue straight ahead - continuing on  route 86 (following signs that say Whiteface Mountain and/or  Wilmington). After several miles you will pass "High Falls Gorge" (a  tourist attraction) and then the entrance to Whiteface Mountain ski  center. We are located just a few tenths of a mile past the entrance to  Whiteface. Look for our blue and gold sign that says "The Inn at  Whiteface." We are on the left side of the road.