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The Inn at Whiteface

Bed, Breakfast, and beyond

A Little History of The Inn at Whiteface


My name is Ingrid Beck and for 46 years The Inn at  Whiteface has been a part of my family. It actually started as a bad  investment that my dad made. To save it, my parents ended up running it  as a late in life career change. My mom happened to be a wonderful cook  and my dad being an engineer—an exacting bartender. My sister Karen also  helped at times. They ran it mainly as a restaurant specializing in  German Cuisine. Sadly  they are now deceased and The Inn is no longer a restaurant. Today the  Inn is a unique B&B. Unique in that it is not someone's home but  dedicated to providing you a home while visiting the Adirondacks. This  all came about through past guests sharing with me how much they loved  to stay here. Over and over I was told that "it was like staying in a  big home," that they "loved to sit by the fire enjoying a glass of wine  knowing that their children were asleep upstairs," how "The Inn had such  a cozy feeling," etc. Upon learning about all the improvements  planned for Whiteface including a heated gondola, I started thinking  about The Inn's future, while still finding myself tied to its past. My  parents had spent a huge chunk of their lives here and somehow selling  it did not seem right. I decided that The Inn could be a place to give  back at this point in my life. My sister had died due to diabetes and I  decided that I wanted to donate a percentage of profit each year to the  cause. To have special fund raising events for different charities would  be a goal as well. But I lived 1500 miles away at the time. Out of a  chance happening at church I was approached by someone who told me her  dream job was to run a place like The Inn as a B&B. She had some  great ideas and after an evening spent at The Lake Placid Lodge I got  caught up in the charm of the Adirondacks and the rest is history!  

To make a long story short the person who  started it all could not follow through, and I ended up an innkeeper  through a series of events - and am still here wondering how it  happened. I found living in the midst of this 6 million acre park and  next to Whiteface Mountain, filled with beauty and a peacefulness  that seems to melt stress away.     

My  guests have included some of the nicest and most interesting people.  They come to relax, to compete or just have a good time. They seem to  leave their troubles and stress behind. Many of them return over and  over again. I now understand why I could not get my parents to sell The  Inn and retire. It's addictive. I've watched guests make new friends,  talked about old times, met families from many foreign countries, been  part of a young couple's wedding, shared stories with couples on their  honeymoon, cooked and tasted "just caught" trout with fly fishermen,  watched guests compete in many different events, housed rugby and  lacrosse competitors, ice skating contestants, ski teams and the list  goes on. I waited to hear that all my Ironman guests completed the  course, listened to moose while snowshoeing, viewed Montreal in one  direction and the High Peaks in the other from the castle on top of  Whiteface. I even sold a house to a couple who came up to snowmobile and  decided to buy a vacation home nearby. It's catching! The Adirondacks  have widened my interest in and appreciation of nature. Having been  fortunate enough to have lived in wonderful places like Manhattan, the  Hamptons, Scarsdale and the Palm Beach area, I could never have  anticipated that the Adirondacks could win me over. Many people from  many different walks in life have found their way to The Inn. The  history of The Inn  continues with each new guest. Come to The Inn to  make "your" history. It is the perfect place to start an Adirondack  Tradition.